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About Rental Boats Marathon

We offer one of the best selection of rental boats in Marathon. Our boats are equipped for fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and cruising the Marathon waters!


You can rent for a single day or multiple days, it’s your choice. The more days you rent, the bigger the discount.  To check out a complete listing of our boats, click on the “Book Now” button below.  If you have looked through the boats above and are interested in a particular boat simple click on the “Book Now” button below the boat to get a more detailed description of the boat and access to our online booking software.  Start clicking so you can enjoy all the beautiful water and weather of the Florida Keys!

Why Book A Rental Boat In Marathon?

Affordable & Fun

Why rent a boat?  Because it make good sense!  Renting a boat takes away all the hassle of trailering, parking, storage and the security issues. It gives you the latitude to explore and change your mind and experience the ocean the way you want to experience it.

Double up on the activities the family enjoys and try new things as well.  Snorkeling, diving, fishing, sightseeing and just plain old cruising around the Marathon coastal waters and reefs.  We have affordable boats in a number of configurations to accommodate all your watersports needs and it is an inexpensive way to make your vacation a much more memorable experience.

Best Location

Located at Captain Hook’s Marina & Dive Center @ Mile Marker 53 Oceanside, we offer the easiest access to the ocean and the Florida Bay with all of your fishing and diving needs available right here at Captain Hook’s..

No chasing around for your live, fresh or frozen bait.  Your tackle is right here…it’s what works and is tested daily by our charter captains in the Marathon waters.

Our professional dive staff can also fit you up with all of your snorkel and dive rental gear too.  It is all just waiting for you when you rent your boat.  We even have special packages designed for our boat renters to make it easier.


Helpful Staff

If you’re not totally comfortable with renting a boat, don’t worry!  Our rental boat staff members will give a full run down on the operation of your boat before you head out.  They will also provide navigation insight if you are unfamiliar with the area.

This staff has lived on these waters their whole lives, they know where to go, how to dive and fish and it is that special knowledge that only comes from a lifetime of experience.

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