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KeyzBoats Boat Rentals

Daren Crews has been a lifelong member of the Marathon community and knows his way around boats. He has served the community as a business owner and mechanic since high school and provides excellent service to his rental boat customers.

KeyzBoats provides daily, multiple-day, weekly and even monthly boat rentals fully equipped with all of the approved Coast Guard safety equipment and eletronics to meet your needs.

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Capt. Hook’s Brings you Special Cruises!

Capt. Hook's (Marathon, Big Pine Key & Key West)

Capt. Hook’s has been around since the late 50’s and has been servicing Florida Keys toursits with diving, snorkeling, fuel and everything you need to enjoy the ocean.

Now with three locations in the Florida Keys, Capt. Hook’s offers specialty cruises with a captain and mate on boats ranging from 31′ for 45′ in length, located in Marathon, Big Pine Key and Key West!  If you have a cruise in mind, we can probably build it just the way you would want to see it and enjoy! 

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Why Choose a Rental Boat from KeyzBoats?

Affordable & Fun

Why rent a boat?  Because it make good sense!  Renting a boat takes away all the hassle of trailering, parking, storage, extra costs and the security issues. It gives you the latitude to explore and change your mind and experience the ocean the way you want to experience it.

Snorkeling, diving, fishing, sand bar picnic, sightseeing and just plain old cruising around the Middle Keys coastal waters and reefs. Double up on the activities the family enjoys and try new things as well.

Keyzboats has affordable, fuel efficient deck and center console boats  to accommodate all your watersports needs and it is an inexpensive way to make your vacation a much more memorable experience.

Best Location

Located at Capt. Hook’s Marina & Dive Center @ Mile Marker 53, Oceanside, we offer the easiest access to the ocean and the Florida Bay with all of your fishing and diving needs available right there.

No chasing around for your live, fresh or frozen bait.  Your bait & tackle is right there…the same bait & tackle used daily by our local charter captains. Special bait packages are designed to get you started quickly.

Our dive staff can also fit you up with all of your snorkel and dive rental gear too.  It is all just waiting for you when you rent your boat.  We even have special rental gear packages designed for our boat renters to make it easier and more affordable.

Helpful Staff

If you’re not totally comfortable with renting a boat, don’t worry!  The KeyzBoat rental boat staff will give a full run down on the operation of your boat before you head out.  They provide navigation insight if you are unfamiliar with the area and demonstrate the operation of the electronics, GPS, fish finder and marine radio.

KeyzBoats staff has lived on these waters their whole lives, they know where to go, how to dive and fish and it is that special knowledge that only comes from a lifetime of experience and they pass that knowledge onto you to get you that trophy fish or the special diving and snorkeling spot.

Why Choose a Cruise from Capt. Hook’s?

Tailored to You

When you rent a private boat from Capt. Hook’s, you get the boat, a master captain and a mate, the rest is up to you. We work with you to make your cruise an experience of a lifetime.

Capt. Hook’s has designed cruises like the Out-island Excursion, Sunset Cruise or the Memorial at Sea cruises but we also can put together any type of private cruise for a half day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours).

Best Locations

Capt. Hook’s has three locations throughout the Middle and Lower Keys in Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West.  All three of these locations has something unique to offer on the water.

You can snorkel, scuba dive, go for a sand bar picnic, go on the water sightseeing or just plain old cruising around the Middle and Lower Keys coastal waters and reefs.


We have supported numerous group activities and can handle up to 49 passengers with crew on our larger boats.

We have five boats that we private charter.  All our boats are designed for scuba diving, can carry numerous dive tanks and equipment.  We have had wedding parties before, during the ceremony and after the ceremony cruising with us.

Please note: If you are interested in a Fishing Charters or the other activities that Capt. Hook’s has to offer, please click HERE.

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Thank you for considering KeyzBoats and Capt. Hook’s for your rental boat, specialty cruises and private charter needs.  We look forward to providing you the best service in the Florida Keys. Our goal is to keep you coming back and enjoying every bit of what the Florida Keys has to offer through our services.